This is a design that required a little more work than I thought, but in the end I was really happy with what came out! On this sketch I combined the classic brown velvet with a very nice gray&beige flower print (this kind of print makes this dress look so antique). To complete it I added a fur collar (beige palette with some gray) that will highlight the neck (even if the neck line of the dress is round and simple). Hope you like it! 😀


5 thoughts on “Rapture

  1. Hey sis,
    I just refresh my recent reader on design,and you know what, i just saw your pretty cool design and awsome.

    It’s very nice and just wondering if someone wear this,I’m telling you she really have a good looking and really pretty with the combination colors and everything.

    Just perfect.:)

    Thanks for sharing.You just give me some inspiration on my next web design with the colours and texture.


      • Just want to let you know that.every each single design 80% start from false and “hands down”.That’s why we as a designer work smart and don’t jump straight on working hard.

        you need some inspiration.In addition,if learn more about colours,100% you’re not on forsaken and complicated for your next dress design..

        Just wondering if could be one of them top 20#designers.

        Think your local location and go for world class.

        good luck..keep in touch.
        if you need some inspiration go check my combination color design in typography in web design.maybe you could find something there.


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